Cargill Family, Legacy Award
During the late 1950’s and early 1960’s some of The Cargill family relocated from Andros to New Providence. Being devout Catholics, the family enrolled three of the older boys (cousins Sidney Cargill, Marcus Cargill and Vincent Rahming) in the then all boys school of St. Augustine’s College. Before graduating the boys left to seek employment. Pursuant to that the school became available to girls. Marie Cargill enrolled and in 1971 became the first Cargill SAC Graduate. Over the years that followed approximately 55 additional family members traversed the hallowed halls of SAC making the Cargill family a staple of the prestigious institution.

Assisting with the building of the monastery to building the lower campus Fine Arts Building, patriarch Alton left his imprint. Extending influence beyond constructing buildings, the Cargills have been instrumental in building the school. Contributions range from establishing a legacy of academic excellence with a plethora of honor scholars to unfathomable dominance in the sporting arena – most outstanding athlete awards, contributions to teams and championships too numerous to count – track & field, softball, volleyball, basketball, swimming, netball, field hockey, soccer, step & cheerleading, debate, essays & literature competitions. The Cargills have been involved in every aspect of school life including religious activities, House Captains, Student Council, Key Club, Anchor Club, Art & Design Club, Dance & Drama Club, Google CS Club, Governor General’s Youth Award, Technical Cadets Corp, Yearbook, Student Christian Movement and Junior Achievement.

The Cargill alumni carry on the tradition established at SAC to permeate all aspects of Bahamian society. They have been and are well represented in the medical, education, religious, legal, retail, engineering, financial services, human resources, entrepreneurial, political, entertainment and technological fields.

This family currently gives back to SAC a teacher, house moderator, head of department, softball and volleyball coaches with 8 championships in recent years.Some people tell the tale that when they were in SAC, a Cargill was in every grade level. That legacy extends to today as 7 Cargill students currently now take up the mantle to carry the Cargill flame at St. Augustine’s.


Marie Cargill 1971 Judson Wilmott 1972 Adrian Cargill 1974
Cloretta Cargill-Gibson 1975 Algernon Cargill 1978 Troy Cargill 1981
Mynez Cargill-Sherman 1982 Keith Cargill 1983 Phedra Gardiner-Rahming 1984
Dwayne Cargill 1985 Robertha Cargill-Ferguson 1985 Vernice Cargill-Russell 1985
Rodd Cargill 1986 Wayne Antonio Cargill 1988 Tonya Cargill 1988
Tyneil Cargill 1990 Marvin Cargill 1991 Lakeisha Cargill-Burrows 1995
Teneekqua Cargill-Gibson 1996 Miquisha Cargill 1993 Makeva Cargill 1994
Shakara Cargill-Johnson 2006 Michelle Gardiner-Barry 1981 Troy Cargill, Jr. 2006
Symonne Cargill 2006 Joshua Scriven 2005 Ayden Cargill 2008
Vanricka Rose 2009 Aaron Scavella 2010 Shonte Cargill 2012
Trovayne Cargill 2013 Trevor Adderley, Jr 2015 Kristen Cargill 2017
Whitley Cargill 2017 Adrian Cargill, Jr 1997 Mechael Russell 2017

Attended but not graduate – Sidney, Marcus, Roy Jerome, Mizpah, Melvoyn, Sharon, Earlin, Makiya, Urban A. Jr and Ashley Cargill. Damingo Weir, Byron Jr and Travvis Ferguson

Currently Attending – Taylor Cargill, Jaydin Plakaris, Benjamin Sherman, Hannah Cooper, Danuneka Cargill, Joshua Albury, Michael Thompson,