Are you an avid reader and passionate about books? Always wanted to join a book club and didn’t know of any that you could join?

A book club is a reading group consisting of people who read and discuss books in an informal setting. It is a great meeting point for alumni who are reading enthusiasts to connect on shared interests whilst meeting alumni they may have never met before. Usually held once a month however, you collectively can determine the frequency of meetings, book page and price limits, and alternate locations.

Let’s get our alumni book club started! If you wish to join a book club and/ or be a book club host let us know! Click here

Members in this group provide various forms of support and help for each other. People get to share experiences, connect, interact and learn from each other. This group may or may not have a trained counselor. However, if you are a counselor or trained professional let us know as we seek to strengthen, uplift and motivate each other. Click here

Gone but never forgotten are the lives of our dearly departed friends. Let us know when classmates from your year have passed on to eternity. Update/ upload info and/or photo. Click here