SAC EXECUTIVES 2020 – 2023

President- Cherelle Cartwright ’91

Cherelle is a class of ‘91 graduate. She is a professional singer, with a background in the Aviation industry, small business owner, and has a degree in Law and Criminal Justice. She is an avid reader, who loves travelling, history and fishing. She is the proud mother of two kids, her most prized treasures and believes wholeheartedly in instilling Godly principles in their lives.

Vice President – Osbourne Moxey ’96

Osbourne Moxey is a 1996 graduate of SAC and began his undergraduate studies at Morehouse College in Atlanta Georgia (1996). Osbourne completed his studies at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama in 2002 with a BSc. Degree in Civil Engineering and returned home in 2004 following his participation in the XXVIII Summer Olympiad in Athens Greece. Osbourne is also a past president of Toastmasters Club 1600.

Secretary – Anastasia Brown ’89

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Ed, Master’s Degree in Special Ed with concentration in Learning and Reading Disabilities. Pursuing her doctor’s Degree in Educational Leadership with concentration in Organizational Development. Organizes SAC Class of 1989 Annual Reunion Celebration.

PRESIDENT – Godfrey Stephen Robinson ’85 (resigned June 2018)
VICE PRESIDENT – Cherelle Cartwright ’91
ASST. SECRETARY – Donnette Sands ’01