The SAC Alumni Association has many opportunities in which you may contribute. The strength and longevity of the Association is dependent on the assistance of its members. A few of the opportunities are listed below.

Annual Events
Our annual events include the Uncle Lou Fun Run/Walk, Alumni Business Network, Night Under the Stars, the Lighthouse Awards and Gala Ball.

It is our aim to get maximum involvement of all our alumni. Whatever talent, skill-set or expertise you possess, we need you. Carve out a little corner of your time to assist with an initiative you feel may be beneficial to our alumni. Your treasure is your talent and whatever else you possess and are willing to share with us. Let us know what you can do to assist. Click here

Class Reps
Be the first to know what’s going on. Disseminating information is always easier when all hands are on deck. The alumni association is requesting 2-3 people from each graduating class to volunteer to spread the word on events or alumni updates to their respective classes. Many classes are known to have WhatsApp or some form of social media group as a means of keeping in touch with each other. Help us get the news to all. Class reps are also free to attend any executive meeting should they desire to attend or voice suggestions. If you wish to assist in this regard please click here .

Interested in volunteering? Message us and we will tell you how.

Find a volunteer
Contact the Alumni Association at (242) 436-1718 or email us at thesacalumni@gmail.com if you need an alumni volunteer for your event!

Other ways to stay engaged

  • Update your information to receive communications that keep you connected and inform you of available opportunities.
  • Follow us on social media to receive the most current, up-to-date news about Saint Augustine’s College and your Alumni Association.
  • Visit our events calendar to see what events are coming up. There are events and opportunities for everyone to get involved in.
  • Make a gift to a grant or fund of your choice. A $60 gift earns you a Gold Alumni Association membership.

Committees aid an association by providing its organizational structure. Responsibilities are clearly defined and allow for effective governance and task completion. It affords an association the opportunity to utilize specific talents and knowledge of its members. It encourages participation of more members that can execute objectives and goals in an expeditious manner by dividing up the work of the association. Although committees primarily function in an advisory capacity there are times they may be called on to make decisions and recommendations. All committees will have a chair and co chair who will spearhead specific commissions knowledgeable of its responsibility, scope of authority and timeline constraints. We are seeking to form the following committees. Click here to sign up.

This committee is led by the Treasurer with mandates to oversee and create annual budget for the association. They guide and or recommend financial policies to be followed, monitor financial reports, explain and repost audit report and overview of annual audit process. This committee will oversee investments of the association e.g Endowment Fund and approve Financial Aid applications in accordance with constitutional guidelines. Click here to sign up.

This committee creates and implements financial plans to secure and seek out funding from various sources. They may be required to work in conjunction with the EVENTS COMMITTEE when necessary as it relates to activities that are orchestrated to generate funds. This body will also be responsible for ensuring dues are paid by members/ organizing membership drives, website ad sales etc. Click here to sign up.

This committee has the responsibility to prepare a report for longterm and short term vision and plans for the association. They are responsible for executing all activities to be undertaken annually and oversee all volunteers and events paid or non paid such as SACA meet ups, book clubs, business networking etc. Click here to sign up.

This committee mandate is to develop and implement marketing and communication strategies to improve the association’s reach connecting with alumni and the community. They will monitor the association’s brand, oversee alumni merchandising and ensure that all services, programs and brands remain relevant. This committee will be responsible for monitoring website content, updating news and disseminating relevant information for all alumni annual events to alumni and the community. Click here to sign up.