There are many ways to financially support your alumni association.With your gifts, you invest in the power of transformation. As an alumni, it means turning donations into endowed chairs, modern facilities for student study and athletics, and so much more. It means making an impact, on both a personal scale and a global one. It means taking the Alumni association and SAC to the next level, and you’ve probably already felt the momentum as we’ve started that climb. Your impact couldn’t be more profound, and we couldn’t be more grateful.
Here are some of the ways you can see your love gifts in action:

Paying a minimal fee of $5 per month/ $60 per year can assist with many projects on an annual basis. Donate

Endowment Fund
An endowment is a restricted fund where a non-profit organization is only allowed to spend the interest from the fund, and not the principle. In most cases, only a portion of the interest or earnings from the endowment (typically five percent) can be spent annually to make sure that the original funds grow over time. Professional money managers often oversee endowment funds, investing the money in stocks, bonds, and other investments.

The main advantages of an endowment fund are as follows:

  • It obliges a non-profit or association to think way ahead into the future for long-term sustainability as opposed to simply meeting short term current fiscal needs.
  • Endowments diversify an organization’s income and reduce its vulnerability to economic crisis.
  • It assures prospective donors that resources are properly managed and the organization is adequately braced to weather financial crisis if necessary.
  • Individuals can give a gift that gives continuously into the future whilst supporting current operation and program funding.

Plans are well underway and will be finalized shortly. Donate

Grants and Scholarships
Help a student who may need short term financial assistance with tuition. Donors may specify a recipient who is either a current student at St. Augustine’s College or prospective student that has received an acceptance letter from the Admissions Office. Grants will be presented in donor’s name. The Alumni Association will not facilitate scholarships exceeding one (1) year. No financial aid or reward shall be granted to a student or potential student of SAC until ALL funds associated with such aid has been collected by the Alumni Association. Donate

Alumni Benevolent Fund
Alumni who are in good standing and need assistance due to medical illness, or association donation in the event of bereavement or any extreme circumstance where collective assistance is needed. This fund is STRICTLY earmarked for alumni. Donate

Field of Dreams
St. Augustine’s College seeks your assistance in creating a sporting complex on campus. The project will include new tennis courts, softball and high jump pit as well as bleachers and will lay the foundation for a multi-purpose building on campus. Funds donated go directly to the school’s consolidated fund account. Please click the link to SAC’s website and payment portal.(

Penn State Relay
Help sponsor Sac’s Track team as they annually participate in this event. Make an individual donation or make it a class effort. Your support is always needed and appreciated. Donate