The Lighthouse Awards

The Alumni Association recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of SAC alumni and NON alumni at an annual awards gala ball. The outstanding individuals, selected from a pool of thousands of SAC alumni, and the community are recognized for numerous accomplishments in their chosen fields. In addition to possessing high standards of integrity and character, they have also given their time and talent to benefit the Alumni Association, our alma mater and the community.
You are invited to nominate alumni / non alumni deserving of recognition. There are no restrictions on the number of nominations a person may submit.



SAC Alumnus of the Year – Recognizes one alumnus who has achieved eminence in his/her professional field; made contributions to education, science, the arts or human welfare of national or international significance, and rendered outstanding service to society.

The Uncle Lou Award – Recognizes one alumnus/na who has demonstrated outstanding loyalty, commitment, unselfish and dedicated service to SAC, the Bahamian community and received prominent public acknowledgment for his/her achievements on behalf of SAC and the community.

Spotlight Award – Recognizes one alumnus, faculty member, or student whose accomplishments, leadership and public service have caused regional and national attention to be focused on SAC.

Legacy Award – Recognizes one family with a tradition of attending SAC. The recipient family must have a minimum of two generations of alumni and include a minimum of three family members, at least two of whom must be graduates. The nominated family must have a record of outstanding service to the SAC, the Alumni Association, their community or profession.

Alumni Achievement Awards – Recognizes one alumnus from various disciplines eg. Arts & Sciences, Religion, Medicine (Ph.D. of any form including Psychiatry, Audiology and Dentistry), Sports, Business, Finance, Technology and Engineering, Education, who has achieved notable success in his or her professional field and rendered outstanding service to the community.

SAC Spirit Award– Recognizes an individual who has not attended SAC but has shown a commitment or love for the institution via their works to aid the school/ students and or the community.

Humanitarian Award– Recognizes a company or group or individual that consistently gives annually to various charities or supports events in the community. Not limited to SAC alumni businesses.

Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award is presented to SAC alumni who have displayed exemplary professional achievement, leadership, service to the community in which they reside, and service to SAC/ Alumni Association. Nominees should demonstrate a positive impact on a local, and or international level and be of high integrity and character. The Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award is intended to recognize both longevity and consistency of accomplishment over one’s professional lifetime and may not be awarded every year.

Honorary Alumnus/a Award

The Honorary Alumnus/a Award recognizes and honors those individuals who, though not graduates of Saint Augustine’s College, have demonstrated outstanding interest, commitment and service to the school and or alumni association. As we seek to be inclusive it is recognized that recipients, “friends” of SAC, and or the SAC Alumni Association, all can play an important and vital role in the enhancement of the institution.

Alumna/ us of the Decade Award

The alumna/ us of the Decade Award recognizes the accomplishments of SAC alumni who have graduated within the past 10 years. These alumni have quickly excelled in the various aspects of life by demonstrating outstanding accomplishments in their professional careers; impressive volunteer service; and/or noteworthy involvement in professional and service organizations.

Volunteer Service Award

The Volunteer Service Award is intended to recognize service to both SAC Alumni Association and Saint Augustine’s College. No consideration to volunteer service to other organizations in the nominee’s community for this award. This award recognizes volunteer service to the school and its alumni association including especially active participation in alumni or school affairs. Financial contributions are specifically excluded from consideration for this award, although volunteer service soliciting contributions or service on behalf of the SAC Alumni Association is accepted.

Submit a nomination for the 2024 Lighthouse Awards & Gala Ball Deadline March 31, 2024.

Nomination Guidelines

Please submit nomination(s) using the online form below – one form per nomination.
Narratives should address the nominee’s current and past achievements that apply to the specific award criteria. Entries will be judged on the responses to the criteria included in the award description above.
SAC Alumni Association current executive board members are not eligible for nomination. Also, self nominations are not permitted.
Individuals selected will receive their honors at Lighthouse Awards & Gala Ball and are encouraged to be present to receive the awards.

Note: Information provided in the nomination form may be used for publicity purposes.

**The Lighthouse Awards Selection Committee, in conjunction with members of the SAC Alumni Association Executive members, will vet nominations and alumni will make the final award-winner selections via online voting.