Statement on COVID-19 from Cherelle Cartwright, President

March 31st,2020

Dear Fellow Alumni,

As the world is in turmoil from COVID-19, our beloved country too is feeling the impact. To date we have 14 confirmed cases with the possibility of more before we see an end in sight to this pandemic. There is plenty information at our disposal teaching and telling us best practices to minimize the risk of catching and transferring this virus. We implore you to access as much information you can from reliable sources to ensure best health practices for yourselves, your family and your community at large. Please observe all government edicts. Moreover, please be mindful that regardless of the restrictions posed on our daily lives these measures are there to ensure the health and safety of the masses and more importantly those who may be immune compromised.

Today I speak to your heart and mind to encourage you to focus on better and brighter days ahead. Some of us have lost jobs, some are facing health challenges, some are fighting depression, some just don’t know what to do as we have watched our society change overnight from the way we are used to doing things.
Life is about change and adaptation. What is important in this time is we prepare ourselves to adapt. It is not all doom and gloom. You have your family, friends, and loved ones. Now is the time to come together and lean on each other. This virus, has brought out the worst and the best in some of us. Focus on the good. We see families having the opportunity to spend time with each other and bond. People now have the time to be introspective. We see people supporting each other around the world through song, jokes etc to uplift each other’s spirit. Though miles apart people are reaching out to each other with the aid of technology. Families are coming together to laugh and share via zoom meetings, chats etc. Our Alumni Class Rep chat group is supporting each other and by extension hopefully, keeping their respective classes informed and up to date with all information as well as sharing daily devotions for those who may need it. If your class year is not being represented feel free to send a WhatsApp message to 436-1718 and you can be added.

Some people are becoming more spiritually attuned and are recognizing that there is a God who sits on High, honors His WORD that says He will keep and protect His people. We are seeing an upsurge of Faith, Love, Unity, and Compassion. That is good.

We wish to send our thoughts of gratitude, well- wishes and support to ALL Healthcare Workers, the doctors, nurses and hospital staff who are assisting our sick. Their selfless sacrifice by putting themselves directly in harms way to help others is most commendable. We also would like to thank our Police and Defense force officers who have been charged with keeping our borders safe as well as our streets clear, maintaining law and order. Finally we wish to thank our Prime Minister, Lighthouse Awards Alumnus of the year award recipient Dr. The Honorable Hubert Minnis for the excellent job he is doing as he spearheads our country’s navigation in uncharted territory. We pray for all of you and cover you under the precious blood of Jesus.

In concluding, fellow alumni let us continue to pray for, inspire, support and motivate each other. Whatever is happening we are built to endure and withstand any situation that comes our way as we are BUILT SAC TOUGH! Please remember that as surely there will be brighter days ahead. Stay safe and healthy!

Best Regards,
Cherelle Cartwright

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