The SAC Alumni Association was founded sometime in the late 50’s early 60’s. It is believed that Vincent Ferguson class of ’55 was the first President. From inception and through most of its formative years the alumni association had experienced peaks of activity and inactivity, starts and stops. SACA was inactive in the 1970’s and the PTA performed many of the activities of the alumni association. However, like a phoenix rising out of the ashes, SACA was ‘reborn’ in 2001 under the presidency of Eugene “Geno” Nairn. It has been continuous ever since.

The purpose remains to foster enriching connections between alumni and SAC through various forms of engagement and promoting our rich tradition of excellence. We unite as a fellowship of people who share common institutional interests, coordinating activities and services which contribute to the academic, cultural and physical growth of Saint Augustine’s College and alumni.

The Alumni Association is governed by a 6 member-volunteer Executive Committee, and 5 member- volunteer Legacy Committee who give their time, talents and participate in a variety of alumni and foundation events and programs. This group also works with volunteers on planning social events and bringing alumni together.